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Mastitis - How to treat it naturally

Mastitis is when tissue in your breast becomes painfully inflamed. It usually affects one breast at a time, and the area may be red, sore, painful to the touch, or unusually warm. Swelling may or may not be caused by an infection, but it could be one of the symptoms as well.
Signs that you may have an infection are chills all over , aching muscles and/or joints, a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and fatigue. Basically you feel as if you are getting the flu.

What causes mastitis?
Mastitis, may be caused by milk staying in the breast mammary duct for an extended period of time which is called "milk stasis", other known names are “engorgement”, or “plugged milk ducts”. A breast infection may be caused by any of these as well as having cracked or damaged nipples, which allow germs to enter the breast and cause an infection. When milk plugs the duct it becomes rancid and allows bacteria to grow creating an infection.
Stress, fatigue, and being a first-time mom can increase your risk of mastitis. It can occur at any time while you're breastfeeding, but it's most common in the first month after you have your baby.
Wearing bra’s, sports bras, or tank tops that are fitted tightly around the breast, not allowing ample room for the breast to relax comfortably, can also be a cause. The breast becomes squashed and that puts pressure on the ducts causing milk to clog up. Though this is not necessarily the exact cause, it is a known factor that can lead to ducts being clogged and if continued lead to mastitis.
Breastfeeding moms should try not to sleep face down on their breast as well. This also can be a contributing factor that leads to mastitis.
Dehydration (from not drinking enough water, not juice or sodas) plays a big role on clogged mammary ducts. If you are not drinking enough water for your body to function, you feel stiff and warn down; slow moving, well the same thing happens to your breast milk. Milk can become concentrated making it hard to empty out of the breast during a feeding. Another lead not an actual cause.

Should I stop nursing if I have mastitis?
No. In fact, it's important that you continue nursing through the inflammation. Although nursing may be extremely painful at times, you need to let your baby feed frequently to keep your milk supply flowing and avoid further blockage. Try applying warm compresses and gently massaging your breast for several minutes before each feeding. This should help stimulate your letdown reflex and make nursing more tolerable. If your baby doesn't empty the inflamed breast during each feeding, finish the job yourself by pumping; if you find that nursing is unbearable, try pumping your breasts and giving the milk to your baby in a bottle. If you are wondering if Mastitis will harm your baby? The answer to that is "No". Though it can reduce the milk supply in the affected breast.

Side Note: If your baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit, save the milk from the breast with mastitis for later use at home. Mastitis can increase the sodium (salt) content in the milk, so most providers avoid giving this milk to an infant in the intensive care nursery. The milk isn't harmful if given later, however.
 How can I treat mastitis naturally?
Treating Mastitis Naturally can be trial and error for some, or an instant remedy that works perfectly for others. Once you find what works for you it becomes much easier if you happen to experience this uncomfortable condition again. For the most part something is better than doing nothing, and there are a lot of somethings you can try.
·         *Applying moist heated towel a few times a day is a definite To Do! (Do Not place an extremely hot towel on your sensitive breast – you want it heated enough but comfortable) As the heat diminishes allow that time to rest as the blood flow within the breast normalizes again.
·         Take a hot shower and allow the hot water to spray upon the breast, the penetration of the water helps to stimulate release of the obstruction and it also feels soothing to the breast.
·         Applying a cold compress (if comfortable) may also relieve the pain you may be feeling. (please remember to wrap the cold pack in a light towel or rag, DO Not Place it directly on your skin)
·         *Nursing your baby frequently to keep the affected breast empty is another To Do! (This may also help to work the infection more quickly out of the breast.)
·         *Massaging coconut oil or any vegetable base oil you may have on the inflicted breast. When doing this method remember to massage gently starting under your arm and work down towards the nipple. You want the infections to go out, not to go back in. I recommend “Coconut Oil” because it has antibacterial properties and is wonderful at pulling toxins out of the body.
·         *Supplements definitely will help you to boost your immune system to fight the infection. This is first and for most your priority. I can’t stress this enough, Do Not Just Treat Symptoms – Treat The Origin Of The Problem. If you concentrate on this as priority then trust me when I tell you within 12 – 24 hours you’ll feel much better.
·         Vitamin C - 2000mg  a day
·         Lysine and Echinacea both act as immune-system boosters.  Some multi-nutrient formulas, combine lysine, Vitamin C, Echinacea and Garlic for increased benefits. Use as directed.
CAUTION: Do not take anything with Echinacea if you are allergic to plants from the daisy family
·         Colloidal Silver – 1 teaspoon 3x’s a day for 5 days
·         *Home Remedies are perfect for conditions like this one, especially when the last thing you want to do is have to spend hours in a doctor’s office or emergency room with a nursing baby, having to pay a copay or for the entire visit - just to get an antibiotic…
·         Herbal teas: Depending on where you live plays a part in what teas are available to you. You want to buy teas that have herbs that will boost your immune system, just like the supplements.
·         You can take ibuprofen to ease the pain if it is too much for you to handle or Tylenol if you experience a fever. Please follow the instructions on dosage on the package. Remember what goes in you goes in baby.
If your symptoms don't improve within 24 hours of trying these measures, see your healthcare provider. She may prescribe antibiotics, rest, and pain relievers in addition to hot compresses.

* ”To Do” meaning make sure you definitely do this technique habitually, until the mastitis is no longer an issue. You can also do these techniques even when you do not have a clogged duct. It’s a way of assuring and maintaining healthy breast feeding practices during your whole breast feeding journey.

How long will mastitis last?

If you have an infection and it's diagnosed early, it's easy and quick to treat. You should start feeling improvement within 48 hours. So start your remedies or start taking your antibiotics and it won't be long before you feel 100 percent better. Be sure to take all of the prescribed antibiotics or finish the full remedy routine to keep the infection from returning a few days or weeks later.

If your breast remains tender and you still have a fever after a day or two, call your healthcare provider without delay. Ignoring mastitis can cause complications. An untreated infection can lead to breast abscesses, which require antibiotics and surgery (usually under general anesthesia) to drain the abscess.

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Monday, January 9, 2017


A cyst is like a friend that use to be your best friend but now has become an irritation in your life. You know the kind - you met them through a mutual friend, they seem mad cool, ya’ll have a lot in common so ya’ll become great friends. Then one day things start to go wrong. Their true nature comes to surface, they start to annoy the hell outta you, they do things that get under your skin, they want to be the center of your attention all the time, they nag you, things you had in common are the things that make you sick, like an infection they need to be removed.

A cyst can appear as a bump on your skin. It may also feel like a small lump if it is growing just under your skin. Some cysts grow deep inside your body where you cannot feel them. However, they may cause other noticeable symptoms. Cysts usually grow slowly and have a smooth surface. They can be tiny or very large. Most cysts are not painful, some go away on their own. They usually do not cause problems unless they are: infected, very large, impinging on a nerve or blood vessel, growing in a sensitive area, affecting the function of an organ.

Your mutual friend, (the doctor) says your friend (the cyst) is ok, they need you and for you to just stay friends with them. So you do and then years go by. After a lot of problems and issue (aches n pains) your mutual friend (the doctor) tells you yeah girl you need to get rid of them like a bad habit. Now you feel stuck, because of your friend (the cyst) you’ve acquired a medical debt, physical disorders, anxieties, and emotional stress. Now to get rid of the friend you have to be extreme and invasive (surgery). Then to recover from all the damage your friend did to you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The basis of what im trying to say is - in life you are tested. What you decide will determine the end result. So if you are told you have a cyst (a new friend) it is up to you to inspect, examine, review, assess every aspect of that friend and decide will it be good to you in the long run. Will they become a growth that you need to remove or can they be a dormant friend that knows its place and never steps out of line.

Holistically when a cyst appears you have to understand the person the cyst is attached to, lifestyle, family history, and the location of the cyst. Most women deal with cysts on their wombs, and men deal with pilonidal cysts but you can get a cyst anywhere on your body. The location of the cyst can tell the practitioner a many of things about your emotional, physical and spiritual state.
  • -          Womb = emotional issues – guilt / sexual trauma / disconnection
  • -          Bladder = emotional issue – worry / problem releasing / ambition weak
  • -          Intestine = emotional issues – grudge / hold on to things / isn’t easily moved
  • -          Chest = emotional issues – forgiveness / chest pains – breathing problems / no compassion

As soon as you find out you have a cyst, you need to find out the location, the size, is it attached to any other organ, muscle, tissue that in the long run may cause a problem.  Then do your homework, don’t just take someone else’s information as law. Learn about it yourself, get a second opinion, and find out if you can you get rid of it naturally, is there something you are doing contributing to this attachment. Then sit and deliberate on what actions you want to take. Keep it or Chuck it (sounds like a reality sitcom show title).
Look into what herbs could be taken, sometimes if you catch it when it’s small you can do home remedies, but once it is a larger size causing discomforts then its best to seek assistance from a professional. You may need to dapple in both fields (holistic and allopathic) or you may be able to deal with a holistic practitioner solely, if the natural route is in your plans.
Growths of any kind are not normal – though it is considered to be normal in this day and age. Something that grows within our bodies that serves no purpose and can harm is not something I would normally consider to be a friend.

Nothing is more important than the health of your mind, body and spiritual self. Doing all you can to keep them in balance are lessons that you can educate others on as they make moves in taking their health in their hands.
And never allow your ego to get in the way of your healing, its a challenge to diagnosis yourself correctly 100% of the time. Ask for assistance - it saves you time, money and healing duration down the line.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


What should I eat when I'm breastfeeding?

When you are breastfeeding it is best to follow a healthy, balanced diet every day, you need to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, local or organic. Eating green leafy vegetables in a salad with a variety of other vegetables and very little dressing, will pack a punch of nutrients that you need to sustain optimum health for you and your baby. Plenty of protein, such beans, sea vegetables, lean meat, eggs, mushrooms, whole grains with high protein content like Bulgar wheat or quinoa... and don’t forget the Starchy foods, such as 100% whole grain bread, pasta and rice. Keep in mind that whole grain varieties, have added fiber which is needed for good digestive function. Have at least two portions of fish a week, including oily varieties, such as wild salmon, albacore tuna or pacific sardines. Mothers who do not eat animal products are at risk for vitamin B-12 deficiency, so to get adequate amounts of vitamin B-12 look into getting fortified foods; some low-fat dairy food, such as a yogurt, butter, cheese or milk products are good. Looking into healthier snacks like nuts, seeds, dried fruits are perfect when you feel like snacking, for those that enjoy cookies, chips, things of that nature definitely look for healthier versions.

Do I need to drink more water when I'm breastfeeding?
YES YOU DO! You need to drink enough water to support your body normal functions while you're breastfeeding (estimated half your body weight in ounces). Though your body is very good at regulating its reserves to keep your milk supply going; keep in mind drinking less water not only dehydrates you but if done for long periods it can eventually affect your milk supply.
Bear in mind that during breastfeeding your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which makes you feel thirsty. If your body is properly hydrated daily the less thirsty symptoms you may feel. So keep a drink nearby during the months you're breastfeeding.
If you're worried about whether you're getting enough to drink, you can check the color of your urine. If it's pale-colored, you're getting plenty to drink. If it's dark yellow, or smells strongly, you may be dehydrated, in which case you should drink more water. Other signs of being dehydrated can be dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, feeling lethargic…
Drinking quality water is what I always recommend to everyone. “Quality Water” being “Alkaline Water” that is, which is water that has a pH of 8.0 – 9.0. NOTE: If buying bottled water from a store the bottle must state the pH on the bottle.

 Do I need extra calories when I am breastfeeding?
YES YOU DO! Just like you needed to eat extra calories while you were pregnant, you need to have extra, extra calories as a breastfeeding mom, so your body can efficiently continue to produce milk and continue its daily functions. I always tell moms that when breast feeding you have to eat for You, Yourself, Reserve and The Baby; you are basically eating and feeding four people. Making sure your meals are well balanced, eating a variety of different foods weekly and having healthy snacks to eat in between will keep you both (mom and baby) nourished, happy & growing.
The amount you need to eat also depends on your pre-pregnancy weight, like how much weight you gained during pregnancy, how physically active you are and post pregnancy health status. Since breastfeeding usually gives you a big appetite and since you need to increase the amount of food you eat; eating a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise and sleep will play a major part in your caloric breakdown. Also, it is said that many women lose some weight when breastfeeding.  
Since we are on the topic of weight, you may have put on a bit of weight while you were pregnant, so losing some of this weight is probably a thought lingering in your mind. If you’ve just had a newborn, you'll need plenty of energy and those stored fat cells comes in hand. Trying to lose weight too soon after giving birth may delay your recovery and make you feel even more tired. So try to wait until you've had your postnatal check and spoken to your healthcare provider before you lose weight. After you get the OK from your doctor losing about 1lb to 2lb a week shouldn't affect the amount or the quality of milk you make.
Eating healthily and doing some gentle exercise will help you to get in shape. This is better than very strict low-calorie diets when you are breastfeeding. You can increase how much you exercise six weeks to eight weeks after giving birth, if you feel up to it.
If you notice that you don't feel like eating, it could be a sign that you may need extra emotional support. Women who have postnatal depression sometimes lose their appetite. If you're finding it a struggle to eat, talk to your doctor, nursing counselor or health consultant.

What shouldn't I eat when breastfeeding?
Traces of bi-products and chemicals that are in the food and drink we consume can sometimes get into breast milk, and this may affect your baby. This is why it is important to be selective on the quality of the food you buy and not so much on the quantity of price, especially if you think long term of using food as a restorative healing tool.
Some babies are affected by a protein in cow's milk, which causes symptoms such as:
o   Bloating
o   Itchy skin and a rash
o   Swollen eyes, face or lips
o   Wheeziness or coughing
o   Diarrhea
o   Constipation

o   Vomiting or re-flux
o   A poor appetite
o   Eczema
o   Changes to their poo
o   Not growing well

If you think that dairy is affecting your baby, talk to your healthcare provider or nutritionist about removing it from your diet for a week or so, to see if it makes a difference. If your baby has been diagnosed with a cow's milk allergy, a dietitian can advise you about how to remove it from your diet completely and what to replace it with. You may also need to take calcium and vitamin D supplements.
Some mums worry about eating peanuts while breastfeeding, but there's no real evidence that this makes your baby more likely to develop a peanut allergy. So as long as you're not allergic to peanuts, you can eat them as part of a balanced diet. New studies have shown that eating peanuts while breast feeding will aid your child in not becoming allergic to them.

Can I drink soda, coffee or tea if I'm breastfeeding?
Avoid having lots of caffeinated drinks when you're breastfeeding. In the US, women who are breastfeeding are recommended to have no more than about 200mg of caffeine a day. That's about two mugs of tea, or coffee, or a can of soda a day. More than this amount of caffeine can most likely harm your baby in the long run. If you notice your baby seems to be restless or unsettled, or find that it’s difficult to sleep, try cutting back on caffeine, or not having any at all. This may make a difference for you and your baby.

Can I drink alcohol if I'm breastfeeding?
The occasional drink is unlikely to harm you or your baby. However, it's safest not to have more than one or two units of alcohol, once or twice a week, if you are breastfeeding.
Alcohol passes through your breast milk to your baby. Drinking more than two units a day while you are breastfeeding may reduce your milk supply, and even affect your baby's development.
As a guide:
  • o      a small (125ml) glass of wine is two units
  • o      a pint of strong lager is three units
  • o      a bottle of cooler is between one and two units

But this also depends on the strength of the drink, which will be detailed as a percentage on the label. The higher the percentage, the stronger the drink. How fast alcohol enters your bloodstream, and then your breast milk, depends on how much you weigh, and whether you have a full or empty stomach. The amount of alcohol in your blood usually peaks between 30 minutes and 90 minutes after you have the drink. You'll need to allow an hour or two for your body to be clear of one unit of alcohol.
So if you want to have an alcoholic drink when you are breastfeeding, feed your baby before having the drink. Two or three hours later, when it's time to feed your baby again, the level of alcohol in your blood should be low enough not to affect your baby. However, if your baby is newborn, she may need feeding more often than every two hours or three hours. So you may want to stick to herbal teas, water or non-caffeinated soft drinks for the moment.

In conclusion: The purpose of breastfeeding can be for many reasons, maybe you want to build a bond between you and your little one, maybe you want to nourish their developing bodies and minds, hek, even if you don’t have money to keep buying formula you may choose to breastfeed. Whatever the reason make sure you are doing it right. Be smart when eating and drinking and remember little bundle of joy is depending on you to have two breast filled with this nourishment, that should be motivation enough.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Spirituality & Healing

Spirituality - what is this word that flows through many mouths so frequently. Is it religion, is it cult, is it something cool that all the kids are doing now a days???
Spirituality generally speaking, is a term used that describes the sense of connection to something bigger than our-selves. It is a universal human experience—something that touches us all. Part of that makes us whole, in terms of mind, body and spirit. Spirituality deals with energetic fields. People may describe spirituality as something sacred, transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

Interconnctedness... Now this is where the million dollar question lies. If spirituality deals with interconnected meaning it is connected to ALL things and all things are connected to it. Like:  the trees - the insects - the moon - the ocean - the person next to you - the planets - the air you breathe - the rock in your driveway that you trip over every morning - the people in the car driving past you on the highway - the animals in a forest in another continent from you... (you get my drift), it is all connected in some form of fashion to one another. Then this means that for example, as a person - you yourself alone, you, yourself and I... (you "I", not me "I") As a person suffering with health conditions, stress, physical pain, mental anguish, wouldn't this Dis-Ease be interconnected to other things in life surrounding you, like your family, your friends, your job, your relationships, the food you touch in the market, the door nob you grab, the person that bumps you on the train, the dog that barks at you, the poop you step in...
If this Dis-Ease within your mind and body is affecting your mind and your body wouldn't it also be affecting your spirituality, your spiritual beliefs, your spiritual practice???... since spirituality is interconnected with what makes you, YOU???
As a people we have been conditioned to separating all aspects of ones self. The mind is on top doin its own thang - the body is in taking a beating trying to keep up speed and the spirit is in limbo, floating around somewhere. Where's the interconnectedness in that??? Where is the balance and harmony in that???

I'm not going to get all caught up in writing about conspiracy theories or putting corporate agencies down. I'm speaking out to get you to think outside the box of inner consciousness. Lets call it spiritual food for thought.
I stated in the beginning "Spirituality" crosses many mouths in many conversations. People state they are spiritual beings, or practice spiritual worship, or insist they are spiritually connected to outside sources. But when it comes to the spirituality of the spirit within us... its doing tha LIMBOOO!!! When we are talking about health, many are referring to the mind and body with the absence of spirit. When we are doing healing on self, we work on our body and maybe the mind and the only time you call unto spirit is to give a shout out prayer to the gods for assistance. Again I ask... Where is the interconnectedness in this?

Now lets take a second to look into the meaning of health. What is health? 
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual well-being. 
Interestingly enough, health is not simply defined as just the absence of dis-ease. The actual definition of being “Healthy” is the stepsactions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health. Being “Healthy” means taking responsibility and making smart health choices. Since the entire YOU, meaning all aspects of one’s self is interconnected, making you whole, then all aspects of you must work in harmony to achieve wellness.

The health field for many years did not consider spirituality as a part of healing in a patient, its just now that some practices include spiritual healing to their patients regimen. For years some religious groups purposed that you just pray to god for healing, now they may say pray for assistance for your healing. Cults use to give kool-aid for healing... LOL! Bad Joke... Sorry. 
Though times are slowly changing, the chink in the chain still exist within us, though the health field is trying to make changes; patients are still unaware of these spiritual remedies.
As a wholistic practitioner this makes my job challenging at times. Like when I see a client and all they want to do is to eat healthy or get a few massages but ignore having an energy session. You may be asking "What does energy work have to do with spiritual healing?". "How is energy work interconnected into all of this?".
Energy work comes in many forms, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Affirmations, Meditation... to name a few. It is believed that a chink in the spirituality chain can bring forth reoccurring issues within the dis-ease of the physical mind and body. Energy work helps to rid a person of energetic negativity that they are unaware are there. Energy work brings balance to Dis-Ease on a energetic level. We are all energy, making us energetic beings in the physical sense we are "matter". So if your in the process of healing yourself and your taking the traditional route, adding a alternative route can only help improve your methods. It may speed up recovery, make recovery go smoother, allow recovery to fully restore you. There are many benefits to healing the entire you and not half ass'in it. Not to say that traditional methods dont work, Im just saying that too many people end up with re-occurring ailments that could have probably gone away completely if they had put the effort into healing the entire self.

Look, let me give you two examples of life with an without having energy sessions done.
Example Without Energy work: Client is complaining about headaches and stomach aches, says they have a stressful job, they miss meals and doesn't drink water. They don't sleep well, don't have energy and decided to come to me for a massage because they need to relax. After an initial assessment I come to the conclusion that they have imbalances within their root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and third eye chakra. I recommend nutritional solutions that can fit in their schedule, I recommend bodywork massages that will help their body to relax and I will recommend energy work, affirmations and meditations to clear away the spiritual blockages that contributes to the abnormalities within the clients life. The energy work will aid in releasing the toxic energy that causes the lack of stability on the job, the mental stress, the scanty appetite and the abnormal sleep patterns... the energy work will open the client up, allowing a harmonized flow of energy within their energetic field. Allowing the spirit to get off the limbo line and start partaking in the healing.
Client gets massages only, I see them for two months - I ask "hows things been going?" and I hear a story about how since the massages they sleep better, they are trying to eat better, they started drinking water but the job is still stressful, headaches are still coming and the doctor states they have an ulcer and needs to take medication.
Example With Energy work: Same client - same imbalances, different results.
The client gets energy work along with other recommendations. Two months later I ask "hows it goin?..." I hear that since they started having sessions things have changed in their life. First they started sleeping better, drinking water, and even started exercising. Then they are eating better and the pain in the stomach is lessening, Next they just got offered a new job, closer to home with more pay. And the kicker they noticed that after doing the recommended meditations, they think clearer, have energy to do what they need to do and feel more confident in their decisions. Family and friends are noticing something different about the client, they are more likable and fun to be around.

This story is not pulp fiction it is based off of true occurrences. I'm sure that some of you who believe in healing all aspects of self can attest to this and may have similar stories. I know personally I do. Spirituality, dealing with ones spirit is virtually as important as healing the mind and body. Removing spiritual blockages allows things in your life and your health flow much better. Healing the spirit interconnects with healing of things all around you. Your have no money and find $20 on the street. Your car wont start and your trying to get to work, a friend loans you their car till you get yours fixed. It causes a chain reaction of connect-abilities all in the name of healing / restoration / harmony...

Do you understand / innerstand / overstand, now how spirituality and healing interconnect with each other. Can you see the importance of spiritually, restoring your spiritual self and maintaining a healthy spirit along with the rest of the aspects of you. The more you do for self the less the medical field has to. 

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Monday, June 27, 2016

I Changed My Life, So That I Can Live

Seven years ago I decided to change my life. After a long 10 hour work day in a busy dental office, I'm laying in a dark bedroom in the center of my bed, wee hours of the night with a full blown migraine. My head felt like it was going to explode. I felt as if tiny chimpanzees were jumping around trying to break through my skull. All kind of crazy thoughts float through your head when your head hurts so bad and nothing you are doing is helping at all. I took OTC pills... I took the prescription pills... I'm drank herbal teas... I'm praying to God "Please allow me to wake up in the morning". I call my sister because when you live alone and you don't know if this headache is going to take you out during the night; you don't want days to go by and no one knows whats going on.
I had finally hit that point in my life where this was just unacceptable. I'm tired of doctors telling me "Its hormonal..." - "All women go through this..."  - "Here, take this medication...". How can they say I am healthy and then I go home and my head makes me feel as if Dr. Doom is knocking on the door.
Its not normal for a 12 year old girl to be prescribed strong pain killers to take away headaches, It's not normal for teenagers to take a week off of school almost every month because they cant be in sunlight, hear noise, cant walk, having trouble breathing, have bad cramps, bleeding to much... what ever the symptom, Its not normal to be an young adult traveling alone on public transit sitting on the dirty floor with a migraine in the middle of the day, with tears in her eyes because the pain is so bad and all she can do is pray she makes it home safely. It is not normal to be driving on a busy highway and have to pull over under a ramp to throw up, shade herself from the bright sun light and fast cars zooming by, praying again for divine intervention. THIS CANNOT BE CONSIDERED NORMAL!
Seven years ago I decided to change my life so that I can live.

Divine Intervention:
I bought Queen Afua's book "Heal Thyself" years before my seven year journey started... I never read it. It sat in the bookshelf - forgotten. All of a sudden that night of the migraine, amongst the thousands of thoughts - that book popped in my thoughts and I was like "Ahhhh" (singing)! I retrieved the book out of hiding and the next day I started reading.
It was a great read, I learned that I'm not crazy and the way I was living wasn't normal and yes I can heal myself. Shortly after reading Queen Afua's book I went to meet her and asked about how to get rid of my conditions. Would you believe that she told me "It's hormonal"... "All woman go through it". LOL - Just like the damn doctors said. This natural stuff is a scam I thought, I would have to pay money for her services and take her herbs and change my diet - Absurd! A bunch of hoopla. Change my diet, I already eat healthy (Or So I Thought I did). I realize now that even though I read her book and it said everything she said to me, My ego really thought Queen Afua was going to give me the quick fix remedy and that I would be able to continue living 'la vida loca'.
I was greatly wrong.

Months go by, still getting headaches, still throwing up, still scared I'm going to die. Still eating the standard american so called vegetarian diet, still working like a dog for the man, still in a chaotic relationship... Still this doesn't feel NORMAL!!!
Finally, a friend of a friend, of another friend told me about a course that teaches you how to heal yourself naturally; Dr. Llaila Africa & Dr. Stevenson were the instructors. So I signed up for the course and WOW! What a wake up call this was. I learned the opposite of everything I had been taught since birth, I learned that others lived and learned how to heal themselves. I learned that with this knowledge I could help others. And that is when the journey began.
You know that saying 'put it out into the universe' when you pray to the most high / God / the universe... for what you want/need and through the law of attraction you will get something in return. Well I put it out there, I asked for help in healing myself and the doors opened ten fold. I learned about my body, holistic practices, healthy foods, dis-ease, herbs, and natural healing modalities. I learned that in order to heal thyself I would need to make serious life decisions and choices.

Life Decisions:
Give up fast food completely!
Stop eating red meat, fried meat, overly cooked meats
No more soda, chips, cookies, candies, cakes & pies
No more alcohol and weed
Stop taking birth control pills
End the chaotic relationships and friendships
Start going to bed earlier
Find new job

Life Choices:
Buy new cooking herbs, recipe books, leaner meats, and more veggies
Find healthier restaurants to eat at
Read as much as possible on natural healing
Get to know me better
Reconnect with the divine
Decide to become an entrepreneur
Explain to family & friends why I am doing this

That last life choice was a doozy, because family and friends can be the worse non supporters to change. I heard all kind of pathological disorder comments that put me in a very bad space mentally and emotionally. I had to separate myself from them for a while and I'm glad I did. It allowed me the opportunity to educate myself about why I'm doing all this. I learned that I had to grow tough skin in order to deal so that I could heal. I learned that knowledge is golden and silence is a virtue. I learned that I no longer wanted to walk the path of illness like my counter-parts had chosen to do. I learned to have respect for myself, and my new virtues. I learned to surround myself with like minded people. I learned to set healthy boundaries and I learned that everything happens for a reason.

Seven Years Today:
I am a Certified Wholistic Health Consultant, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, in a nutshell. I have not only changed my health status, I help change others. I live what I preach and I am proud to say that in seven years I can look back and see what I was and smile because I have come so far. A lot of trial and error experiments, a lot of success and a few fall backs. I still consider myself a newbie in this field because others have been doing it for 20+ years. It humbles me to know where I started and excites me to know I have more to do, further to go.
As for my migraines... Yes. I still get them, but not every month; in a years time I'll probably get 3 bad ones opposed to 12 bad migraines and they only last 2 days opposed to before lasting 7+ days. I barely get cramps and bloating, I haven't thrown up in 3 years, and I bleed a regular flow for 3-4 days. I can still go to work, hang out or just chillax unlike before, I even have curbed my PMS mood swings. Now This Is Normal! This Is Living!
For seven years I have been enhancing and making adjustments to my life and each decision I make is met with victorious results. When I fall back into a bad habit (because yes I am still human who enjoys every opportunity to utilize my free will - lol) I assess it, (see why I'm doing what I am doing) and I find resolutions. I stop beating up on myself and acting like a victim as to why I have had health imbalances and I start practicing ways to forgive and love myself enough to fix the problem. Everyday is a learning experience and every experience is a lesson I can use to teach others.

Real Talk:
Many people are ill, sick, unwell, in pain, tired, depressed what ever you wish to call your condition.
Many people wait till the doctors are at the end of the rope to chose an alternative method.
Many people like living with health imbalances, ignorant to the truth.
Many are living a dramatic life full of chaotic behavior.
Many are bred to believe that this is normal. I'm here to tell you Its Abnormal!
History shows us that our ancestors lived healthy with minor dis-orders for years.They used nature to nourish and restore themselves, They passed information down to the family through out the years,
Neighborhoods policed themselves, Children played, adults loved and elders were wise. It was a simpler time, with simple ways that lead to simple days. But as life would have it, nothing is easy if lessons aren't learned.
Life / God / The Universe gives you problems to solve. You have free will to decide if you want to take your life back into your own hands or stay victimized into existing with never ending suffering.
I believe that we all can make changes. I believe in time many of us will reverse their health.
I changed my life so that I can live, will you Join Me in the Journey of Health & Wellness so we all can live happily ever after.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Essential Oils Changed My Life

Six years ago while working as a dental assistant, a patient and I got to talking about natural healing and she proceeded to tell me about a company she was a part of called "Young Living" and how they distributed essential oils that helped her with her healing journey. I didn't know much about essential oils at the time and was curious to learn about them, so on her next visit she gifted me the "Essential 7" essential oil kit which contained (7) 5 ml. bottles of various single oils ans blended oils as well as a how to use them guide. She mentioned that as a massage therapist, I could use these oils on my clients to help them, I could just use the oils on myself, as well as cook with the them and I could distribute them to people interested in purchasing if I decided to join the company. Now very much interested but still apprehensive I took the kit home all excited to use the oils only for the kit to sit in my room on my dresser for a few weeks... Untouched! (lol) Then one night after a long and tiring day of work, I wasn't feeling to well, I was experiencing some cold symptoms and I didn't have anything to take. Then I remembered the essential oils kit in the room. So I searched around... found it... read the descriptions of which oils are good for which ailments.... Lemon and Peppermint essential oils were the two that helped cold and flu symptoms. Being that this was the first time I ever handled essential oils especially ones that claimed to be therapeutic grade I was hesitant on applying it to my skin so I took the easy route of inhalation. This is what I did... and keep in mind that there is no exaggeration in detail of what I'm about to tell you.
I opened the bottle of lemon and took a deep inhale... then I opened the peppermint and inhaled... that's it. I would say within 10 minutes I let out a few hard sneezes, then my nose started to run, my throat started to feel crackly, and my chest congestion started to break up... I thought I was getting worse. What was happening was I was recovering, the inhalation of the two oils were releasing the toxins from my body and upon waking up the next morning... lets just say I totally forgot I was feeling under the weather the night before. All symptoms were completely gone and I felt revived after a good nights sleep. And lets just say that from that point I was a believer in essential oils and have been ever since.
This is my testimony to the masses, of how simple and effective these oils are in restoring harmony within our bodies.

Making Changes In Your Home.
You don't have to break the bank buying every essential oil known to man. "Keep it Simple" and "Keep it Smart". Buy what you know you need and what you will use. Therapeutic grade essential oils are not cheap so buying a kit full of oils is always economically a good start.
* When purchasing essential oils think of how you plan to use them and this will help you in buying quantity. Are you using a few drops therapeutically here and there? Will you be adding it to food? Will you be making products with it, like cleaners, tinctures, body oils or butters...?
* Then be aware of the size of the bottle; whether it be 5ml, 10ml. or 15ml. Therapeutic Grade essential oils are all about quality and most oils have a great shelf life when stored properly. But if you have a oil you are not going to use often then don't buy a 15ml size; maybe a 5ml would be better. Size also depends on manufacturer availability.
* Knowing how to administer an oil is also important.  Some oils can be applied directly to the skin without blending or diluting it - this is called "NEAT". Essential oils that are great NEAT are Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Geranium, & Marjoram... Other oils that are potent may cause irritation to the skin and it is recommended that you use a base vegetable oil along with it. Examples of this is Clove, Oregano &Wintergreen... So keep this in mind when buying and using oils if you have sensitive skin.
* Lastly, I like to mention that if your planning to incorporate essential oils into your healing routine I I highly advise everyone to educate yourself; read up on the proper way to use each individual oil. Speak with a professional trained in using these healing oils if you have any concerns. So many people misuse natural products and give it a bad name, when the blame should be on the handler of the oil. So be responsible and be restored the right way.

Now Lets Go Shop:
Here's a few oils that are great to start out with and their benefits:
Lavender Essential Oil: Lavandula angustifolia oil - has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm. This dynamic aroma that has made the flower a classic for perfumes, soaps, fresheners, and beauty products. Lavender oil is a great beginner oil and a must for every home because it is highly versatile. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse many areas of your life.
Lemon Essential Oil: Citrus limon peel oil - Lemon may be used to enhance the flavor of foods in addition to using it therapeutically for viral infections. It's also great for uplifting your mood.
Peppermint Essential Oil: Mentha piperita leaf oil - One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus globulus oil Applied topically, it is often used to support the respiratory system* and to soothe muscles after exercise.
Tea Tree Essential Oil: Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil - Helps maintain a healthy-looking scalp and hair, and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Apply to feet and toenails when needed for fungal bacteria.

For those who are interested in investing in a kit of essential oils from young living. The best starter kit would be the "Everyday Oils Kit" which includes (10) 5ml bottles of single oils and blends. Be prepared to be amazed.
  • • Lavender essential oil, 5 ml
  • • Lemon essential oil, 5 ml
  • • Peppermint essential oil, 5 ml
  • • Frankincense essential oil, 5 ml
  • • Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) essential oil, 5 ml
  • • Joy™ essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • • Thieves® essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • • PanAway® essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • • Purification® essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • • Stress Away™ essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments, 6 pk.

I hope this blog has been helpful in answering any questions you may have had about essential oils. If you would like further information about any young living essential oil product, please feel free to contact me at: or 757-499-4820.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Healing the Mind,Body and Soul

The - Physical - Emotional - Spiritual - You

• The body or Physical You requires good nutrition, appropriate weight, beneficial exercise, adequate rest and proper stress management.

• The mind or Emotional You needs self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts and viewpoints and a positive self-image. You also need to give and receive forgiveness, love and compassion; you need to laugh and experience happiness; you need joyful relationships with yourself and others.

• The Spiritual Body requires inner calmness, openness to your creativity, and trust in your inner knowing. And for some it requires having a relationship with a higher power.

We all know when the Physical You is out of balance. We feel fatigue or our skin breaks out or maybe we become ill. But how do we know when the other You’s are out of balance?
 And How Do You Restore Balance?

Through years of neglect, improper nutrition, air/water/food pollutants and daily stress mismanagement we have basically become walking septic systems. Our inner world is being polluted all the time. Between the polluted air we breathe, the pesticide laden food we eat and the chemically treated water that we drink, our bodies are slowly building up momentum that causes internal eruptions.
Our physical body has stress points, much like our precious Earth. And although we can't clean the world in a short period of time, (but don't stop trying!) we can save our inner world, here and now.
The first step is cleaning out all the accumulated toxins. There are a few ways that one can go about this, such as Herbs, Vitamins, fasts, colonic flushes, diet and water consumption, to name just a few. The choice is yours - just make sure that you are educated in your choice and/or seek a qualified professional.
Next you need to repair the physical damage that has been done. There are plenty of natural products that can help our bodies repair the damage. Find out what foods contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, trace minerals, enzymes and photochemical that our bodies need to function properly. There are also herbs and vitamins for those of us who find it easier to 'pop a pill' than to try and get some of the more healthy foods past our taste buds. However, if you choose to do herbs, tinctures are usually the best way to go as they are absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue. Again, it is very important that you are well informed and get the help of a qualified professional, as there are tests that can be done to find out just what your body is lacking or not producing. A practitioner with 'user experience' is a plus.
And then we have the Spiritual way, where we learn to listen to our bodies and Inner Guides/MAP Team. We learn to understand the signals, which include the aches and pains, so that we can heal from a higher vibrational level, where it began to manifest. We learn to recreate and reprogram the diseased patterns.
I also believe that every herb and plant was put here for our benefit and since we are the ones who are destroying our bodies, then we should have a hand in restoring and healing them. This holds true on all levels of healing. To quote an old cliché..."God helps those who help themselves."

The Conscious Mind
Our conscious mind filters every thought, feeling, idea, situation and experience. It makes distinctions, interprets, classifies, critiques, judges, compares, computes and then accepts or rejects input from outside sources. It also interprets all of our life data as it is recalled from the sub-conscious. Therefore our Emotional Mind/Body is a virtual storehouse of all our feelings and sensations from the past.
When it functions with accurate info, it can be our guardian and protector. However it can also be our greatest hindrance to healing and positive change, especially if during our childhood it was fed with negative, distorted or incorrect info. Unfortunately, due to faulty beliefs that were programmed since childhood, the conscious mind can actually deny info that is vital to the healing process, no matter how profound or positive the new info can impact our life.
Fortunately, the conscious mind can accept new beliefs. Just as it established values based on 'bad experiences' or false beliefs, by providing new and accurate info and positive experiences, we can re-create a whole new sense of Being. Negative thoughts prevent the mind from transmitting good health. Likewise negative emotions held within the Emotional Mind/Body prevents good health from manifesting on the physical level.
The purpose of the Emotional Release during Reiki is to use the aware positive mind to clear these past traumas and heal the emotions and their negative effect on the human body.

The Sub-conscious Mind
This Mind/Body contains the 'pure data' of every instant of your life. Not how we reacted to certain events or experiences, but how they actually occurred. It records everything through our senses and not our emotions.
With the guidance and help of a skilled Healer, through Imagery/Meditation we can access our past experiences with a different perspective and heal our reactions and emotions through understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. Once we change our perspectives of the past, it greatly affects how we feel about life in the present.
While this process of clearing your channels can be done by yourself, sometimes it helps to have an unbiased opinion to help you understand the past and its lessons. Besides, why go through the 'junk' alone if you don't have to. And even though Reiki alone can be used to heal this Mind/Body, it's sort of like having a 'cheat sheet' for an exam... the answers are there, but the learning and growing process is stifled. Reiki can however help you ease the fears of opening up and communicating, whether it's with your Reiki Practitioner, someone else or even your own conscious mind.
Your thoughts, and the way you perceive situations are recorded in every cell of your body. Therefore every cell in your body thinks. At every moment of your life, your body becomes what you think.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! By changing the way we think and turning 'victim' issues into learning experiences, we change the energy field of our body. Energy shifts and releases during a healing session can provide reinforcement from the conscious mind that changes can and are happening.

For more information on ways you can heal the trinity of you contact, MerySerket at Windows of Wellness:
Office # 757-499-4820

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Skin I’m In

Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Prickly Heat; Perspiration, Sunburn, Dandruff, all disorders that appear on our skin. 
Why do we suffer with skin issues? 
What causes our skin to break out? 
How do we alleviate ourselves from suffering with embarrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes painful skin disorders?

The skin: the largest organ of our bodies – when we think of the skin the first thing that comes to my mind is the constant emphasis on vanity. How our skin looks, the complexion of our skin, the way our skin feels; it’s the first thing people see when we look at each other and we all want our skin to look good.

But did you know…Holistically, when looking at the skin - it shows what’s going on internally with your health.
The medical field has created very cool and complicated names for all kinds of skin disorders, but at the end of the day, holistically it’s all the same thing. An imbalance within the Integumentary system, an imbalance within circulatory system, and an imbalance within the digestive system.
Our skin is constantly under attack from external contaminants – toxic air, chemical lotions & creams, dirty surfaces, allergens, makeup, other people, hair products… you name it. On a 24 hour basis in some form or another, our skin touches or is touched by external impurities. Then internally when you consume an excess amount of foods that are processes, refined, hydrogenated or genetically modified this causes a toxic environment inside of the bodies.
What happens next is these contaminants go into our blood stream, and stimulates an immune system response. When the body’s systems aren't strong enough to remove the pollutants, slowly but surely yeast & mucous builds up, and bacteria & parasites colonize within us. This also leads to dehydration of liquids and the deficiency of nutrients within the body. After years and years of pollutants coming in and not exiting out the volume of impurities becomes over consuming to the internal body and starts moving outward. 

Think of it this way bacteria new in the town called your body finds a nice location to set up shop for itself and its family… Colonville. As the family grows Colonville becomes like a small town; just isn’t big enough for the entire family to thrive. So lil’ bacteria family members move out and venture for another nice, warm, moist location… years later… Colonville, Pancreas Town, Stomach City, The Urban area of the Kidney, all are fully colonized regions and flourishing with a variety of micro-organisms. But, the rich, strong, and thriving bacteria they make it to the surface… “Skin Metropolis”, The Free Land, The Utopia for Externally Living.

Unfortunately, when this occurs - Now it becomes a problem for us.

Let’s take a look a few of the fancy named skin orders. All are disorders show up externally on the skin, in the form of red, yellow or white bumps, raised swollen areas, dry flaky patches, and may have an irritating itch. There are a lot of fancy external formulas that are made for the skin discomforts, but they only provide temporary relief and contribute to you now developing side effects. This is because you haven’t changed any of your external or internal habits. 

There are many different causes that contribute to the effect:
 Eczema can be caused by a reaction to metals, detergents, flower allergens and it can also be hereditary.  Urticaria aka “Hives” or “Nettle Rash” can be caused by heat, food additives, stress or anxiety. Psoriasis also hereditary can be triggered by cold damp conditions, stress, and anxiety. Understanding the symptoms that come along with the disorder will aid you in pin -pointing the problem and then enable you in finding ways to treat and eradicate the disorder. 

Making changes in your life will get you to the road of recovery much faster than superficial therapies  – Stop eating foods that contribute to the buildup of yeast and mucous within your body [refined sugars, trans-fat, saturated fats in excess, processed foods, GMO foods, etc…]. Stop using chemical products that are poisonous to your body [deodorants, lotions, makeup cleansers, hormone creams, etc…]. Stop letting your emotions control your life [depression, anger, fear, worry, ego, etc…]
Start using natural products and remedies to aid your recovery from illnesses  – Start eating more plant based foods to your meals – Start practicing meditation – Start saying positive affirmations – Start drinking alkaline water everyday all day – Start educating yourself on ways to live healthier and a happier life.

Start Today and Live Healthier Tomorrow!

Drink an infusion of: burdock, chamomile, heartsease, marigold, and red clover as a tea.
All are anti- inflammatory herbs
Massage a blend of: chamomile, lavender, and/or Melissa essential oil with a vegetable base oil like sesame seed oil
Increase your intake of:    -Vitamin A, found in foods like: red & orange vegetables, eggs & milk.   
-B-Complex supplement every day, must have B3  (Niacin), found in foods like: Peanuts, fish, meats
-An oatmeal bath soothes irritation
-Bathe sore patches in an infusion of: witch hazel diluted in warm distilled water
-Licorice is good for inflammation.
-Yarrow in bath water provides relief if done twice weekly
-Nettle tea also may be helpful
Lavender & Chamomile together or Bergamot & Roman Chamomile together, has sedative and anti-depressant properties that are beneficial in reducing stress and a skin outbreak.
Use in massage oil, a bath, vaporizer or creams
Increase your intake of: Vitamin A (as beta-carotene), vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium & B-Complex or take a food based multi vitamin daily as directed on bottle
-Take 1 tbsp. of Olive Oil daily
-Garlic is cleansing to the body and boost immunity.

Adding them to your meals may ease the symptoms and prevent future attacks
An infusion with chickweed & chamomile can be used to bathe the affected area
A warm bath with essential oils Chamomile or Melissa will soothe the skin and help prevent stress-related attacks
Aloe vera juice boost immunity within the body and aids the out-break of rashes
-A few tbsp. of baking soda in a bath will relieve itching
-Add a cup of vinegar to the bath water to restore pH balance of the skin and aids healing
Squeeze the fresh sap of dandelion stalk on the wart every day until it disappears
Apply a drop of lemon essential oil on the wart daily.
When the wart disappears mix a few drops of lavender into Vitamin E oil and apply for a week. This prevents scarring and aids healing
-Rub fresh lemon on the location of the wart daily
Rosemary increases circulation to the scalp. Drink as a tea daily or a compress
Rosemary, Cedarwood, Tea tree, and Patchouli can be massaged into the scalp
Increase intake of Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, B-complex & Zinc

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