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A cyst is like a friend that use to be your best friend but now has become an irritation in your life. You know the kind - you met them through a mutual friend, they seem mad cool, ya’ll have a lot in common so ya’ll become great friends. Then one day things start to go wrong. Their true nature comes to surface, they start to annoy the hell outta you, they do things that get under your skin, they want to be the center of your attention all the time, they nag you, things you had in common are the things that make you sick, like an infection they need to be removed.

A cyst can appear as a bump on your skin. It may also feel like a small lump if it is growing just under your skin. Some cysts grow deep inside your body where you cannot feel them. However, they may cause other noticeable symptoms. Cysts usually grow slowly and have a smooth surface. They can be tiny or very large. Most cysts are not painful, some go away on their own. They usually do not cause problems unless they are: infected, very large, impinging on a nerve or blood vessel, growing in a sensitive area, affecting the function of an organ.

Your mutual friend, (the doctor) says your friend (the cyst) is ok, they need you and for you to just stay friends with them. So you do and then years go by. After a lot of problems and issue (aches n pains) your mutual friend (the doctor) tells you yeah girl you need to get rid of them like a bad habit. Now you feel stuck, because of your friend (the cyst) you’ve acquired a medical debt, physical disorders, anxieties, and emotional stress. Now to get rid of the friend you have to be extreme and invasive (surgery). Then to recover from all the damage your friend did to you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The basis of what im trying to say is - in life you are tested. What you decide will determine the end result. So if you are told you have a cyst (a new friend) it is up to you to inspect, examine, review, assess every aspect of that friend and decide will it be good to you in the long run. Will they become a growth that you need to remove or can they be a dormant friend that knows its place and never steps out of line.

Holistically when a cyst appears you have to understand the person the cyst is attached to, lifestyle, family history, and the location of the cyst. Most women deal with cysts on their wombs, and men deal with pilonidal cysts but you can get a cyst anywhere on your body. The location of the cyst can tell the practitioner a many of things about your emotional, physical and spiritual state.
  • -          Womb = emotional issues – guilt / sexual trauma / disconnection
  • -          Bladder = emotional issue – worry / problem releasing / ambition weak
  • -          Intestine = emotional issues – grudge / hold on to things / isn’t easily moved
  • -          Chest = emotional issues – forgiveness / chest pains – breathing problems / no compassion

As soon as you find out you have a cyst, you need to find out the location, the size, is it attached to any other organ, muscle, tissue that in the long run may cause a problem.  Then do your homework, don’t just take someone else’s information as law. Learn about it yourself, get a second opinion, and find out if you can you get rid of it naturally, is there something you are doing contributing to this attachment. Then sit and deliberate on what actions you want to take. Keep it or Chuck it (sounds like a reality sitcom show title).
Look into what herbs could be taken, sometimes if you catch it when it’s small you can do home remedies, but once it is a larger size causing discomforts then its best to seek assistance from a professional. You may need to dapple in both fields (holistic and allopathic) or you may be able to deal with a holistic practitioner solely, if the natural route is in your plans.
Growths of any kind are not normal – though it is considered to be normal in this day and age. Something that grows within our bodies that serves no purpose and can harm is not something I would normally consider to be a friend.

Nothing is more important than the health of your mind, body and spiritual self. Doing all you can to keep them in balance are lessons that you can educate others on as they make moves in taking their health in their hands.
And never allow your ego to get in the way of your healing, its a challenge to diagnosis yourself correctly 100% of the time. Ask for assistance - it saves you time, money and healing duration down the line.

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