Monday, December 9, 2013

Color Your Plate

Everything in nature has color. From the sky to the ocean, even the animals on earth come in different colors; even we come in all shades of color.
So Why Wouldn’t The Food You Feed Your Body Follow The Same Role.

Does your everyday diet consist of the same o’l bland colorless foods like these…
  Biscuits and Beef / Chicken and Fries / Turkey Breast and Rice / Fish and Chips / Fettuccini / Macaroni n Cheese…

Mine is GREEN. So what I do is make sure that if I eat a meal that I always have my favorite color added to my plate. Foods like kale, that’s my all-time favorite. It’s rich in several minerals and vitamins, which include iron, calcium, vitamins A, C and K. It is also a high density food and is delicious; I either eat it raw or cooked. Other vegetables, I may eat is broccoli, cabbage, collards, romaine lettuce, or spinach. All are good sources fiber, stacked with vitamins and minerals needed in your day to function; they also have protein and carbohydrates nutrients in them as well.

Maybe your favorite color is RED. Well 1st on the list would probably be tomatoes, because it is the top source of Vitamin A and C. It also contains a significant amount of dietary fiber, beta-carotene, iron, lycopene; magnesium, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin and thiamine just to name a few. J Beets are high in iron and oxygenates red blood cells. Red cabbage, red onion and red peppers also provide a pack full of nutrients like they are high in Dietary Fiber, have Vitamin A, C, E, K, B6; Potassium, Manganese, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Foliate, Pantothenic Acid and Magnesium.

How about YELLOW or ORANGE as a favorite color? A lot of times we overlook the delicious bright and earthy colored vegetables. Yellow squash is a favorite of mine. It’s sweet and full of vitamin A, C, D, E, K and minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Then there’s the yellow pepper, carrots, corn (which is a grain but is sometimes considered a vegetable). Then we have Butter Nut Squash, wonderful addition to the fall seasons. Yams or Sweet potatoes are also a delicious sweet vegetable to colorize your plate. All of which carry countless vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and protein properties.
So as you see there are plenty of colorful vegetables that you can add to your carbohydrate and protein dish. Adding vegetables to your plate will increase the nutritional value of your meal, increase the health benefits to your body as well as make your plate aesthetically appetizing.


As I said before life is colorful. So the rule is “Your Plate Should Be Colorful” as well. You should have a 3 course plate that consists of: A Protein! A Carbohydrate! And A Vegetable! Even if you have a 1 course dish it should be colorful and contain:
The design should never change, this way you cover all the important components needed to achieve proper daily food intake. For those that say “WAAA! L I don’t like cabbage” It’s ok. You don’t have to eat cabbage – eat cauliflower instead, try kale or some other leafy greens. Or better yet, cook the cabbage sweeten it up with a natural sugar like molasses, honey, stevia or agave; cook it with a different blend of herbs/seasons or maybe add it to a blend of other veggies to hide it like in a stew or soup.
We are a nation of nutritionally deficient people. Some of us were brought up on a processed, high calorie, lifeless, nutritionally deprived diet. The last thing on our “Priority List” is the correct foods to put in our bodies. We have been programmed with the mentality that less is more. Now, we all know that we cannot get a nutritious meal for $1. What you will get is added weight, irregular blood levels, mood swings, headaches, acne, irregular cravings, constipation… and so on & so on.
We need to Re-Educate Ourselves on what a proper diet consist of. We need learn to incorporate a variety of different foods into our daily regimen that stimulate our mind, body and spirit. A lot of times we fear the unknown; but when it comes to your nutritional needs this fear could be the unknown killer of your health.
So next time you make dinner arrangements be mindful of what is on your plate. Bland, colorless, deficient foods or delicious and nutritious colorful food!
Want to learn what foods are best for you and your family, how about easy and quick ways to prepare the food you nourish your body with.
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