Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who is Windows of Wellness?

To starts I like to say… it’s more than just an organization that deals in Health & Wellness. It’s a place of origin where your receive tools to guide you in restoring your own health and wellness.
“Windows of Wellness” … I want you to think of a window; like a door it is an opening to another side, a window is a place where we sit and look outward, see visions of another place; we gaze out of it and dream of what we want to manifest in our lives. A window is an opportunity to see “you” in a particular space. That can be visualizing you’re on a beach, or planting a garden, or maybe starting a new job, getting healthier, whatever the scenario.

At “Windows of Wellness” My vision is 
You Living a Healthy and Vibrant Life”.
Free from Dis-Comforts, Dis-Orders, Dis-Ease.

“Windows of Wellness” is a place where you can educate yourself on better ways of living healthy for you and your family. This is a place where you are comfortable; where you come to rejuvenate, and leave with tools to strengthen you while fine tuning your health every day. This is a judgment free zone, a free to speak zone, a place of clarity, a place of understanding, a place of love and compassion. My focus is on restoring the mind, body and spiritual aspects of one’s self.

Over the years I have observed that particular lifestyle habits have made us imbalanced and a little off centered in regards to our health. External sources have us believing that we need external iniquities to restore inner development. This is why I strongly stress the importance of learning / re-educating yourself with life restoration goals. All that I have learned through the years is knowledge for you to learn, all that I have experienced through the years are lessons that I can teach. Rebalancing all aspects of “You” using natural resources is a brilliant way to harmonize the energies within, restore the physical body and uplift the spiritual mind. Nutritional foods, Holistic modalities and Spiritual practice all are natural tools that aid you in restoring, strengthening and maintaining life.

“Windows of Wellness” provides various holistic services like: Nutritional counseling, Therapeutic massage, Reiki, Meditation, Crystal therapy and Aromatherapy. Nutritionally many of us eat a very deficient diet, live restless lives, have little energy, can’t calm the mind, and aren’t connected to the earth. I have devised ways to help you reconnect with self and live a more peaceful and happy life.

Below is a description of a few of the wonderful healing services that I provide. You can also visit my website for more information – www.windowsofwellness.com

We first sit and have a consultation where we’ll discuss your concerns dealing with physical and mental imbalances. I will also explain what holistic health is and why re-educating yourself about natural healing is vital. This meeting also allows us the moment to get better acquainted. After a consultation we can set a visit to have a holistic health assessment done. This is the initial physical holistic exam which guides us in pinpointing what is going on within. After the assessment I provide you with a full explanation of what my finding are and my recommendations; so that you can establish harmony and balance within.

- Kitchen Makeover – Having a well-stocked kitchen pantry makes eating healthy possible and simple. This home visit purpose is to create a kitchen that’s full of nutritional foods. I’ll assess your kitchen pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator/freezer, and then make suggestions on how to improve your kitchen arrangement.
- Food Shopping Tour - Meeting at your local market, I’ll shed a whole new light on food shopping. You’ll learn tips on reading food labels; understand marketing ploys, make better choices of foods to eat and ways to save money.
- Alkaline Water Products – Having alkaline water on a daily basis helps promote harmony, hydration and healing to your body. I promote ionic alkaline water products that you can have in your home or carry around with you during your travels. I educate you on the importance of “WATER” the most important nutrient that many of us are deficient of.
- Nutritional Counseling – This is where we meet twice a month and discuss further; step by step nutritional self-healing methods you can use to eradicate illness and discomforts from your life.

Our bodies experience physical abuse every single day and experience relaxation once in a blue. When we physically are beat up we need to give the external portion of our bodies love. This helps the body to restore and rejuvenate itself so you can go forth the next day. Massage therapy has been thought of as just a spa treatment and it is so much more than that. Bodywork therapy has so many therapeutic benefits like improving circulation, boosting immunity, relaxing tense muscles and calming the mind.

What is energy healing? In a nut shell – everything in the world is energy; everything visible is inter-connected with everything invisible to us. We all are made up into different forms of electrical energy and this energy can be manipulated to be stimulated or calmed. What energy work does is basically moves energy when it is stagnant or relaxes energy when it is over active; promoting health and harmony internally and externally.

I have been blessed to create natural remedy tools that can be used spiritually, mentally and/or physically. I have produced my own personal collection of “Essence of Life” products - body oils, and meditative candles. You can balance your chakras, improve minor physical discomforts and balance your energy field with these products. I only use natural vegetable oils, soy wax and “Young Living” essential oils in all my products as well as BPA-Free bottles. It is said that if you cannot ingest something it should not be used externally and this is why I only use natural supplies for all my products.

As you can see “Windows of Wellness” is all about healing. I am very passionate about what I do, it is my mission in life and I am grateful to be a part of this natural healing community.
So if you are interested in healing yourself and gaining years of vitality to you and your family. Join in on “The Wellness Mission” and let the healing begin.

For more information: www.windowsofwellness.com
If you have any questions: mer@windowsofwellness.com

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