Friday, July 8, 2016

Spirituality & Healing

Spirituality - what is this word that flows through many mouths so frequently. Is it religion, is it cult, is it something cool that all the kids are doing now a days???
Spirituality generally speaking, is a term used that describes the sense of connection to something bigger than our-selves. It is a universal human experience—something that touches us all. Part of that makes us whole, in terms of mind, body and spirit. Spirituality deals with energetic fields. People may describe spirituality as something sacred, transcendent or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

Interconnctedness... Now this is where the million dollar question lies. If spirituality deals with interconnected meaning it is connected to ALL things and all things are connected to it. Like:  the trees - the insects - the moon - the ocean - the person next to you - the planets - the air you breathe - the rock in your driveway that you trip over every morning - the people in the car driving past you on the highway - the animals in a forest in another continent from you... (you get my drift), it is all connected in some form of fashion to one another. Then this means that for example, as a person - you yourself alone, you, yourself and I... (you "I", not me "I") As a person suffering with health conditions, stress, physical pain, mental anguish, wouldn't this Dis-Ease be interconnected to other things in life surrounding you, like your family, your friends, your job, your relationships, the food you touch in the market, the door nob you grab, the person that bumps you on the train, the dog that barks at you, the poop you step in...
If this Dis-Ease within your mind and body is affecting your mind and your body wouldn't it also be affecting your spirituality, your spiritual beliefs, your spiritual practice???... since spirituality is interconnected with what makes you, YOU???
As a people we have been conditioned to separating all aspects of ones self. The mind is on top doin its own thang - the body is in taking a beating trying to keep up speed and the spirit is in limbo, floating around somewhere. Where's the interconnectedness in that??? Where is the balance and harmony in that???

I'm not going to get all caught up in writing about conspiracy theories or putting corporate agencies down. I'm speaking out to get you to think outside the box of inner consciousness. Lets call it spiritual food for thought.
I stated in the beginning "Spirituality" crosses many mouths in many conversations. People state they are spiritual beings, or practice spiritual worship, or insist they are spiritually connected to outside sources. But when it comes to the spirituality of the spirit within us... its doing tha LIMBOOO!!! When we are talking about health, many are referring to the mind and body with the absence of spirit. When we are doing healing on self, we work on our body and maybe the mind and the only time you call unto spirit is to give a shout out prayer to the gods for assistance. Again I ask... Where is the interconnectedness in this?

Now lets take a second to look into the meaning of health. What is health? 
Health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual well-being. 
Interestingly enough, health is not simply defined as just the absence of dis-ease. The actual definition of being “Healthy” is the stepsactions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health. Being “Healthy” means taking responsibility and making smart health choices. Since the entire YOU, meaning all aspects of one’s self is interconnected, making you whole, then all aspects of you must work in harmony to achieve wellness.

The health field for many years did not consider spirituality as a part of healing in a patient, its just now that some practices include spiritual healing to their patients regimen. For years some religious groups purposed that you just pray to god for healing, now they may say pray for assistance for your healing. Cults use to give kool-aid for healing... LOL! Bad Joke... Sorry. 
Though times are slowly changing, the chink in the chain still exist within us, though the health field is trying to make changes; patients are still unaware of these spiritual remedies.
As a wholistic practitioner this makes my job challenging at times. Like when I see a client and all they want to do is to eat healthy or get a few massages but ignore having an energy session. You may be asking "What does energy work have to do with spiritual healing?". "How is energy work interconnected into all of this?".
Energy work comes in many forms, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Affirmations, Meditation... to name a few. It is believed that a chink in the spirituality chain can bring forth reoccurring issues within the dis-ease of the physical mind and body. Energy work helps to rid a person of energetic negativity that they are unaware are there. Energy work brings balance to Dis-Ease on a energetic level. We are all energy, making us energetic beings in the physical sense we are "matter". So if your in the process of healing yourself and your taking the traditional route, adding a alternative route can only help improve your methods. It may speed up recovery, make recovery go smoother, allow recovery to fully restore you. There are many benefits to healing the entire you and not half ass'in it. Not to say that traditional methods dont work, Im just saying that too many people end up with re-occurring ailments that could have probably gone away completely if they had put the effort into healing the entire self.

Look, let me give you two examples of life with an without having energy sessions done.
Example Without Energy work: Client is complaining about headaches and stomach aches, says they have a stressful job, they miss meals and doesn't drink water. They don't sleep well, don't have energy and decided to come to me for a massage because they need to relax. After an initial assessment I come to the conclusion that they have imbalances within their root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and third eye chakra. I recommend nutritional solutions that can fit in their schedule, I recommend bodywork massages that will help their body to relax and I will recommend energy work, affirmations and meditations to clear away the spiritual blockages that contributes to the abnormalities within the clients life. The energy work will aid in releasing the toxic energy that causes the lack of stability on the job, the mental stress, the scanty appetite and the abnormal sleep patterns... the energy work will open the client up, allowing a harmonized flow of energy within their energetic field. Allowing the spirit to get off the limbo line and start partaking in the healing.
Client gets massages only, I see them for two months - I ask "hows things been going?" and I hear a story about how since the massages they sleep better, they are trying to eat better, they started drinking water but the job is still stressful, headaches are still coming and the doctor states they have an ulcer and needs to take medication.
Example With Energy work: Same client - same imbalances, different results.
The client gets energy work along with other recommendations. Two months later I ask "hows it goin?..." I hear that since they started having sessions things have changed in their life. First they started sleeping better, drinking water, and even started exercising. Then they are eating better and the pain in the stomach is lessening, Next they just got offered a new job, closer to home with more pay. And the kicker they noticed that after doing the recommended meditations, they think clearer, have energy to do what they need to do and feel more confident in their decisions. Family and friends are noticing something different about the client, they are more likable and fun to be around.

This story is not pulp fiction it is based off of true occurrences. I'm sure that some of you who believe in healing all aspects of self can attest to this and may have similar stories. I know personally I do. Spirituality, dealing with ones spirit is virtually as important as healing the mind and body. Removing spiritual blockages allows things in your life and your health flow much better. Healing the spirit interconnects with healing of things all around you. Your have no money and find $20 on the street. Your car wont start and your trying to get to work, a friend loans you their car till you get yours fixed. It causes a chain reaction of connect-abilities all in the name of healing / restoration / harmony...

Do you understand / innerstand / overstand, now how spirituality and healing interconnect with each other. Can you see the importance of spiritually, restoring your spiritual self and maintaining a healthy spirit along with the rest of the aspects of you. The more you do for self the less the medical field has to. 

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  1. Thank you! Yes, I overstand it's all connected.
    Peace + Light

  2. Great article! Has confirmed that I am certainly on the right path the complete healing.