Monday, June 27, 2016

I Changed My Life, So That I Can Live

Seven years ago I decided to change my life. After a long 10 hour work day in a busy dental office, I'm laying in a dark bedroom in the center of my bed, wee hours of the night with a full blown migraine. My head felt like it was going to explode. I felt as if tiny chimpanzees were jumping around trying to break through my skull. All kind of crazy thoughts float through your head when your head hurts so bad and nothing you are doing is helping at all. I took OTC pills... I took the prescription pills... I'm drank herbal teas... I'm praying to God "Please allow me to wake up in the morning". I call my sister because when you live alone and you don't know if this headache is going to take you out during the night; you don't want days to go by and no one knows whats going on.
I had finally hit that point in my life where this was just unacceptable. I'm tired of doctors telling me "Its hormonal..." - "All women go through this..."  - "Here, take this medication...". How can they say I am healthy and then I go home and my head makes me feel as if Dr. Doom is knocking on the door.
Its not normal for a 12 year old girl to be prescribed strong pain killers to take away headaches, It's not normal for teenagers to take a week off of school almost every month because they cant be in sunlight, hear noise, cant walk, having trouble breathing, have bad cramps, bleeding to much... what ever the symptom, Its not normal to be an young adult traveling alone on public transit sitting on the dirty floor with a migraine in the middle of the day, with tears in her eyes because the pain is so bad and all she can do is pray she makes it home safely. It is not normal to be driving on a busy highway and have to pull over under a ramp to throw up, shade herself from the bright sun light and fast cars zooming by, praying again for divine intervention. THIS CANNOT BE CONSIDERED NORMAL!
Seven years ago I decided to change my life so that I can live.

Divine Intervention:
I bought Queen Afua's book "Heal Thyself" years before my seven year journey started... I never read it. It sat in the bookshelf - forgotten. All of a sudden that night of the migraine, amongst the thousands of thoughts - that book popped in my thoughts and I was like "Ahhhh" (singing)! I retrieved the book out of hiding and the next day I started reading.
It was a great read, I learned that I'm not crazy and the way I was living wasn't normal and yes I can heal myself. Shortly after reading Queen Afua's book I went to meet her and asked about how to get rid of my conditions. Would you believe that she told me "It's hormonal"... "All woman go through it". LOL - Just like the damn doctors said. This natural stuff is a scam I thought, I would have to pay money for her services and take her herbs and change my diet - Absurd! A bunch of hoopla. Change my diet, I already eat healthy (Or So I Thought I did). I realize now that even though I read her book and it said everything she said to me, My ego really thought Queen Afua was going to give me the quick fix remedy and that I would be able to continue living 'la vida loca'.
I was greatly wrong.

Months go by, still getting headaches, still throwing up, still scared I'm going to die. Still eating the standard american so called vegetarian diet, still working like a dog for the man, still in a chaotic relationship... Still this doesn't feel NORMAL!!!
Finally, a friend of a friend, of another friend told me about a course that teaches you how to heal yourself naturally; Dr. Llaila Africa & Dr. Stevenson were the instructors. So I signed up for the course and WOW! What a wake up call this was. I learned the opposite of everything I had been taught since birth, I learned that others lived and learned how to heal themselves. I learned that with this knowledge I could help others. And that is when the journey began.
You know that saying 'put it out into the universe' when you pray to the most high / God / the universe... for what you want/need and through the law of attraction you will get something in return. Well I put it out there, I asked for help in healing myself and the doors opened ten fold. I learned about my body, holistic practices, healthy foods, dis-ease, herbs, and natural healing modalities. I learned that in order to heal thyself I would need to make serious life decisions and choices.

Life Decisions:
Give up fast food completely!
Stop eating red meat, fried meat, overly cooked meats
No more soda, chips, cookies, candies, cakes & pies
No more alcohol and weed
Stop taking birth control pills
End the chaotic relationships and friendships
Start going to bed earlier
Find new job

Life Choices:
Buy new cooking herbs, recipe books, leaner meats, and more veggies
Find healthier restaurants to eat at
Read as much as possible on natural healing
Get to know me better
Reconnect with the divine
Decide to become an entrepreneur
Explain to family & friends why I am doing this

That last life choice was a doozy, because family and friends can be the worse non supporters to change. I heard all kind of pathological disorder comments that put me in a very bad space mentally and emotionally. I had to separate myself from them for a while and I'm glad I did. It allowed me the opportunity to educate myself about why I'm doing all this. I learned that I had to grow tough skin in order to deal so that I could heal. I learned that knowledge is golden and silence is a virtue. I learned that I no longer wanted to walk the path of illness like my counter-parts had chosen to do. I learned to have respect for myself, and my new virtues. I learned to surround myself with like minded people. I learned to set healthy boundaries and I learned that everything happens for a reason.

Seven Years Today:
I am a Certified Wholistic Health Consultant, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, in a nutshell. I have not only changed my health status, I help change others. I live what I preach and I am proud to say that in seven years I can look back and see what I was and smile because I have come so far. A lot of trial and error experiments, a lot of success and a few fall backs. I still consider myself a newbie in this field because others have been doing it for 20+ years. It humbles me to know where I started and excites me to know I have more to do, further to go.
As for my migraines... Yes. I still get them, but not every month; in a years time I'll probably get 3 bad ones opposed to 12 bad migraines and they only last 2 days opposed to before lasting 7+ days. I barely get cramps and bloating, I haven't thrown up in 3 years, and I bleed a regular flow for 3-4 days. I can still go to work, hang out or just chillax unlike before, I even have curbed my PMS mood swings. Now This Is Normal! This Is Living!
For seven years I have been enhancing and making adjustments to my life and each decision I make is met with victorious results. When I fall back into a bad habit (because yes I am still human who enjoys every opportunity to utilize my free will - lol) I assess it, (see why I'm doing what I am doing) and I find resolutions. I stop beating up on myself and acting like a victim as to why I have had health imbalances and I start practicing ways to forgive and love myself enough to fix the problem. Everyday is a learning experience and every experience is a lesson I can use to teach others.

Real Talk:
Many people are ill, sick, unwell, in pain, tired, depressed what ever you wish to call your condition.
Many people wait till the doctors are at the end of the rope to chose an alternative method.
Many people like living with health imbalances, ignorant to the truth.
Many are living a dramatic life full of chaotic behavior.
Many are bred to believe that this is normal. I'm here to tell you Its Abnormal!
History shows us that our ancestors lived healthy with minor dis-orders for years.They used nature to nourish and restore themselves, They passed information down to the family through out the years,
Neighborhoods policed themselves, Children played, adults loved and elders were wise. It was a simpler time, with simple ways that lead to simple days. But as life would have it, nothing is easy if lessons aren't learned.
Life / God / The Universe gives you problems to solve. You have free will to decide if you want to take your life back into your own hands or stay victimized into existing with never ending suffering.
I believe that we all can make changes. I believe in time many of us will reverse their health.
I changed my life so that I can live, will you Join Me in the Journey of Health & Wellness so we all can live happily ever after.

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